How the press sees the MA 8.2*

Mono amplifiers of superlatives with fully balanced & DC coupled signal path · Class A A/B high current MOS FET technology with more than 1.100 W on all loads · OVATION 803 T tube line stage · 48 selected output transistors · 2 x 1000 VA transformators · 800.000 µF per amplifier · Price per pair


The MA 8.3 at a glance

– OVATION flagship mono amplifiers with Class A A/B high current MOS FET technology and more than 1.100W on all loads
– 2 toroidal main transformers (2 x 1000 VA)
– Fully balanced input stage with OVATION 803 T tube technology (2 specially designed AVM double triodes)
– Ultra-short signal paths with power supply circuit directly integrated on the output stage boards
– Unlimited power reserves from two condensator banks with 40.000 µF capacity each ( 80.000 µF per pair!)
– 24 high current MOS FETs per channel
– RCA inputs with solid gold-plated copper sockets
– Automatic on/off switch
– AIR Trigger (AVM Intelligent Remote)
– Trigger input 5V to 20V
– USB software update port
– Serial RS232 interface
– Transparent OVATION glas lid
– Optional chrome front upon request

How the press sees the MA 8.3*

“If your priorities in sound include precision, speed of attack, exciting dynamic contrasts, a truthful presentation, and tonal neutrality that allows a recording’s inherent beauty to sing, you owe AVM’s OVATION MA 8.2 monoblocks a long listen. But if you can find a way to let them sing in your system, you will, in many ways, feel rich indeed. Most highly recommended.”
Stereophile, USA

*) The predecessor of the brand-new MA 8.3



Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black

Product Dimensions

430 x 430 x 250 mm (L x W x H)

Product Line


Product Weight

85 kg (Pair)

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