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Award-winning single-ended stereo amplifier with > 2 x 350 W · OVATION 803 T tube line stage · Unlimited power reserves with separate analog transformers L/R with 1kVA each · 24 high current MOS FETs per channel · Consistent dual-mono design for absolute load stability · Optional chrome front upon request


The SA 8.3 at a glance

– Award-winning single-ended stereo amplifier with > 2 x 350 W (4Ω)
– Unlimited power reserves with 2 toroidal main transformers (2 x 1000 VA)
– Fully balanced input stage with OVATION 803 T tube technology (2 specially designed AVM double triodes)
– Ultra-short signal paths: E Caps integrated on the output stages, each 200.000µF per channel
– 24 high current MOS FETs per channel
– RCA inputs with solid gold-plated copper sockets
– Automatic on/off switch
– AIR Trigger (AVM Intelligent Remote)
– Trigger input 5V to 20V
– USB software update port
– Serial RS232 interface (to be activated via software update soon)
– Transparent OVATION glas lid
– Optional chrome front upon request

How the press sees the SA 8.3*

“This amplifier is very highly rated by our American counterparts for its sheer power and neutrality. All for good reason and all without a price tag that isn’t measured in multiples of ‘Ferrari’. Highly recommended.”
HiFi+, UK
“Schöner kann man Musik nicht zum Leben erwecken.”
Audio, Germany
“Vigorous, extremely load-stable power amplifier. With its touch of tube charm and powerful MOSFETs, the SA 8.3 not only brings every loudspeaker to its knees, but also makes lovers of emotionally charged reproduction kneel down.”
Stereoplay, Germany

*) And its predecessor, the OVATION SA 8.2



Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black

Product Dimensions

430 x 430 x 250 mm (L x W x H)

Product Line


Product Weight

42 kg

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