Handmade in Germany, since 1986



Developed by the best engineers. Lovingly and masterfully built and finished in loving and masterful craftsmanship. We have always adhered to this to this day. Out of tradition and with passion – with the promise that we will not change the genes of AVM in the future.

Handmade in Germany, since 1986

AS 30.3

Stream it
like it´s hot

Our Anniversary Edition 30.3 streaming players are in high demand. Here is an overview of the products:

New – on the web.

What you see here is the beginning of our new digital presentation on the web. But where you can also see us physically – live – is the HIGHEND in Munich. Come by and hear about our new products.

At the internationally renowned audio fair you have the opportunity to get to know us and our masterpieces. It will be exciting, because we will be showing our latest audio creations directly at the booth.

HIGHEND Munich 09-12 May 2024
09.-12. May 2024

PC 5.3

from the bad

With the Power Conditioners PC 3.3 and PC 5.3, we offer high-end current filter systems for the first time: mains power filtration and cleaning consistently rethought and developed in-house by AVM's most experienced developers in the manufactory. Both low- and high-frequency interference are effectively kept away from the audio system and the mutual influence of the precision audio components on each other is also sustainably prevented by the HF filters available separately for each output.

In over three decades of our existence, we have experienced a lot at AVM. For example, the coming and going of new ideas or technologies. But despite all the change and progress, there has always been one constant, and we are particularly proud of it: our values and our visions – the signature of our company. We also call them the genes of the AVM.

A sculpture
for your

A masterpiece of our Baden manufactory. Elegant, compact & sonic with large speakers at ear level. → Link

CB 2.3