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Compact 2-way loudspeaker · High-density, low-resonance cabinet · Precision tweeter with waveguide · 160 mm sandwich woofer · Bi-wiring connection · High-gloss lacquered cabinet with silver anodized aluminium front panel · Tilt mechanism for optimizing the radiation pattern · Speaker cover magnetically fixed · Pair Price

The CB 2.3 compact speaker at a glance

Compact 2-way loudspeaker
Precision tweeter with waveguide opening in the front
160 mm sandwich woofer
High-density, low-resonance speaker enclosure reinforced by solid 8 mm aluminium front panel
Bi-wiring connection option
Optimal for amplifiers with 140 watts of power
High-gloss lacquered cabinet (black or white) with silver anodized aluminium front panel
Speaker cover magnetically fixed
Tilt mechanism for optimizing the radiation pattern
Custom versions available upon request

With the AUDITION CB 2.3, we have created a very compact AVM high-performance speaker that can be perfectly and easily integrated into your living space. With its very compact dimensions, the AUDITION CB 2.3 is ideally easy to set up and fills the room with full, powerful and natural sound. To place the speaker, for example, on a low board or below ear level, we recommend using the built-in tilt mechanism to slightly angle the speaker backward for an ideal sound projection at ear level.

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AVM CB 2 3 Pair Silver Black Front Back Perspective 23041800 16

The extremely compact design was carefully chosen to allow this speaker to be seamlessly integrated into medium-sized living spaces without drawing attention. Achieving a full and harmonious sound as well as a high maximum volume level from this compact design required an enormous technical effort. The solution involved specially developed tweeters and low-frequency drivers, a suitably highly efficient crossover, as well as best-in-class connections that allow the use of high-quality speaker cables. The result is a loudspeaker to enjoy all genres of music at all listening levels that will delight your living space.

The front panels featuring the typical AVM look are not only a technically important detail but also aesthetically pleasing and practically designed. The front baffles, with an area of 220mm x 330mm, surpasses the speaker circumferentially and thus form the front installation edge at the same time. The AUDITION CB 2.3 can be tilted on a solid, height-adjustable third foot at the back. Made of ultra-high-density fiber, the cabinets reduce unwanted vibrations and resonances, ensuring a balanced and powerful sound reproduction of the speaker. The AUDITION CB 2.3 is available in two color variants – painted in black or white. The included speaker covers are magnetically attached and can be easily removed and reattached.

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AVM Audio CB 2 3 Test Review Stereoplay 2023 07

“Uncompromising electronics have always been the domain of AVM. With the Audition CB 2.3, the German high-end manufacturer now also has a compact loudspeaker in its line-up that stands up to the test of time.”

Klaus Laumann, Stereoplay 7/2023

“Sensational understatement: The Audition CB 2.3 has everything you would expect from an AVM product: the visual appearance is unspectacular, modern and bold at the same time. The equipment is purposeful and yet opulent and the sound of this loudspeaker is at the highest level, measured in terms of its size. The uninterrupted image and the spatial reproduction are the great strengths – without the two-wayers affording a weakness in any area. The Audition CB 2.3 plays its way into the audiophile’s heart after a short time and without the over-spectacular appearance.”

Roman Maier, Lite Magazin 7/2023

AVM Audio CB 2 3 Speaker Review Verdict Lite Magazin


Principle 2 way bass reflex
Bass driver 160mm sandwich woofer
Tweeter Dome tweeter with fabric diaphragm
Crossover frequency 1850 Hz
Power Capacity 140 Watt
Frequency Range 37Hz-50kHz
Sensitivity 88dB/1W (2,83V)
Nominal impedance 4Ω
Minimum impedance 3,6Ω at 240 Hz
Maximum sound pressure level (SPL) 102dB
Finish High-gloss housing black or white lacquered, silver aluminmium front
Dimensions Cabinet 220 mm x 170 mm x 285 mm (L x W x H)
Dimensions Front Plate 220 mm x 330 mm (W x H)
Connections Bi-Wiring terminals
Dimensions 238 mm x 230 mm x 345 mm (L x W x H)
Weight Approx. 6 kg (depending on version)
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