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Handcrafted in Germany since 1986

The pure joy of listening! For more than 30 years people at AVM have been developing and manufacturing electronic equipment to deliver the highest quality musical reproduction. We believe that any kind of music, whether it be classical, jazz or pop music, has been composed to bring joy and emotion to the listener. Technical equipment such as amplifiers and loudspeakers must try to transport this joy and emotion into the living room. Simply that means to reproduce the information stored on a CD, hard disk or broadcasted by radio stations and HiFi streaming services such as TIDAL or QOBUZ.

This is in fact not as simple as it sounds

We are aware that every electronic and mechanical component leaves its individual ‘fingerprint’ on the reproduced music signal. When engineering HiFi components, we try to keep these ‘fingerprints’ as inaudible as we can while keeping everything else as musical as possible. Before starting the design of electronic circuits or constructing mechanical parts we always ask the question: ‘What work will be done by this component and how can we achieve this to the optimum level?’ We strongly believe that the method of trial and error seldom leads to good sounding HiFi equipment. Therefore we don’t develop unnecessarily complicated circuits which always need a lot of compensating components in order to function correctly.

We prefer a straight circuit design

where every component has its own clearly defined task and have found that often the most simple circuit concept works the best. A part that is not there cannot influence the music, it doesn’t produce unnecessary costs and it can never be defective. HiFi components are not only technical things but primarily are a part of our customer’s home, so we attach great importance on creating wonderful looking products. We also try to make all our components easy to use and work hard to offer the best value for money to our customers.

In order to realise this philosophy we manufacture all AVM components in our own factory in Southern Germany

and keep all the design and development in house too. For the few parts (such as pc-boards, front panels, transformers) that we cannot produce by ourselves we have reliable suppliers nearby, who we have worked with for years. This ensures the consistent high quality of our products and, if needed, a quick service to our customers. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You will be getting in touch with people who share your enthusiasm for good music, have a passion for their products and who feel a real responsibility to their customers.

Unterschrift Udo Besser Blau

Udo Besser
Owner & General Manager

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