OVATION A 6.2 Master Edition (ME)

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Refined, puristic version of the classic OVATION A 6.2 Integrated Class A/AB high current MOS-FET flagship amplifier · 2 x 180/300 W (8/4 Ω) · Class-A headphone amplifier · Fully balanced & DC coupled input stage · Revised power supply unit · Delivered in AVM OVATION Flightcase · Includes RC 3 full aluminum remote control

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OVATION A 6.2 ME Integrated Amplifier

An audiophile masterpiece

With the re-release of the OVATION A 6.2 in a new Master Edition, we at AVM have fulfilled a wish of our own with this special model, offering you the A 6.2 ME in a refined edition at a friendship price. This reduced price compared to the original A 6.2 model was made possible by creating an integrated amplifier version of the A 6.2 as a Master Edition, which borrows heavily from the larger A 6.3 and A 8.3 models in the form of identical parts. We pass on the achieved price advantage and offer you a sonic heavyweight with 22kg in the finest aluminum dress at a sensational price – even including the RC 3 all-aluminum remote control. Like all OVATION Line models, the A 6.2 ME also arrives in the standard AVM flight case.

With the A 6.2 Master Edition, AVM has created an integrated amplifier that has been consistently created for perfect, audiophile sound. The A 6.2 Master Edition integrated amplifier is the sound centre for all types of music, for all volumes, without any frills, with a powerful sound and without any compromises. Almost playfully effortlessly, the A 6.2 ME drives all speakers. The powerful, detailed and relaxed sound image is unique in its serenity. The sound of the A 6.2 ME is the sum of AVMs experience in amplifier construction since 1986, in a further refined edition – and 100% to the point.

What’s new in the A 6.2 Master Edition?

  • New high performance ultra silent transformer with 1000 VA
  • AVM power bank power supply with AVM capacitors
  • Extended Class A range
  • New internal cabling
  • Speaker terminals from the 3rd generation OVATION Line (.3)
  • New headphone amplifier from the 3rd generation OVATION Line (.3)
  • CELLINI version (chrome front) at extra charge
  • Older A 6.2 can be upgraded to A 6.2 ME

The A 6.2 Master Edition at a glance

  • Class A/B integrated amplifier with over 180/300 W/channel (into 8/4 ohms)
  • MOS-FET high current amplifier: 12 MOS-FET transistors per channel deliver max. 180 Ampere
  • 4 separate power supplies: main power supply, processor unit power supply, silent power supply for input circuit left & right
  • Analog fully balanced input stages, completely DC coupled
  • Fully balanced volume control with 256 control stages
  • Double mono construction eliminates mutual interference between both channels
  • Input stages are supplied via separate power supply unit
  • High level inputs: 2 XLR + 5 RCA
  • Home Theatre Pass Through selectable on high level inputs
  • 2 preamplifier outputs (XLR and RCA), fixed level output (RCA)
  • Class-A headphone amplifier with 6.3 mm jack plug
  • Connection for external IR receiver
  • Mains phase indicator
  • Sound control with bypass function
  • Parametric, scalable loudness control
  • Large, blue illuminated graphic display
  • Extensive menu functions (adjustable input sensitivity, individual input designation and much more)
  • Packaging: Sturdy OVATION flight case
  • Full metal RC 3 remote control included
AVM Audio OVATION A 6 2 ME Master Edition Integrated Flagship Amplifier Black Front Top 20040101

The technology behind

The A 6.2 Master Edition is a Class A / AB amplifier equipped with MOS FET transistors in the output stages. These transistors are much faster than bi-polar transistors, but much more difficult to handle. The concepts of the characteristic curves of ideally matched transistors have helped AVM to achieve new levels of performance. AVM first implemented this principle in their power amplifier flagship models of the OVATION Line. The speed of this MOS-FET based circuit helps AVM to realize a sonic richness of detail never heard before. At the same time, AVMs special single-ended circuit topology of the output stage realizes the incredibly powerful, full and warm sound of the A 6.2 Master Edition.

The effort required for the sophisticated circuitry is immense: Independent power supplies feed all stages of the A 6.2 Master Edition individually and effectively exclude unwanted mutual interference between the amplifier stages. The input stages are completely DC-coupled and fully balanced. Incoming signals from the unbalanced inputs are buffered and balanced directly behind the input connectors. In addition, the input stages are consistently designed as double-mono architecture: Two identical circuits on two independent boards, each with its own on-board power supply, thus enabling a crosstalk distance between the left and right channel that even lies outside the measuring ranges of high-end measuring instruments. The 256-step volume control and the tone control are also fully balanced, resulting in a better signal-to-noise ratio of about 3dB each, and with less than 0.05 dB channel deviation at all volume levels.

The MOS-FET power amplifiers of the A 6.2 Master Edition are designed as single-ended architecture and are derived from the power amplifiers of the OVATION flagship series. All boards are constructed with extra thick 75µm pure copper tracks, completely gold-plated and coated with thermally tolerant black lacquer. All boards are assembled on site at the AVM factory. The driver stage has its own, separately controlled operating point adjustment. Our AVM engineers have put all their know-how into the design of this amplifier stage, which is particularly relevant for the sound: The LEDs used not only signal that the A 6.2 ME is functioning properly, but also produce much less noise than conventional “Zener diodes”. The power amplifiers are supplied by a 1000 VA main transformer specially developed for the A 6.2 Master Edition. The power supply is supported by in-house AVM ultra-quick capacitors in parallel connection with a total of 120,000µF (that’s 0.12F!).

The new Class A headphone amplifier is equipped with a self-contained amplifier unit and operates completely independently in Class A mode. This amplifier stage is located behind the 15 millimeter thick front panel.The entire OVATION housing of the A 6.2 Master Edition is reminiscent of a small save cabinet but is once again only a means to an end, as the A 6.2 Master Edition can be effectively cooled in this way and is correspondingly torsionally stiff, so that all components can be effectively protected against unwanted external influences such as vibrations. Another detail: The ball bearing knobs are turned from a single piece together with the axle and therefore do not require any grub screws. Behind it follows a long axis which leads to the screwed on rotary controls.

Further connection details: Separate preamplifier outputs can be used to connect additional power amplifiers such as the ideally suited OVATION SA 6.3 for optional bi-amping operation – in balanced or unbalanced mode. The A 6.2 Master Edition is completely updateable, so that additional functions can be easily added in the future. An active phase indicator also makes it easier for you to connect the power supply correctly. In the A 6.2 Master Edition many useful ‘helpers’ work in the background and help to achieve maximum ease of use: Protective circuits prevent damage e.g. in case of connection errors, soft mute functions suppress noise e.g. when switching at full volume. Various settings can be adjusted to your individual needs: For example, inputs can be renamed or levels of different input levels can be adjusted to each other. Home theatre loops (so-called AV Pass Through) are also selectable.

Like all AVM devices, the A 6.2 Master Edition is manufactured by hand at the AVM factory in Malsch, and the vast majority of suppliers, e.g. for the precision housing parts, are also located in the immediate vicinity. Repeated, intensive quality controls during all production stages and a break-in period of several days for each individual device ensure our promise of maximum reliability in the long term.

How the press sees the A 6.2 (ME)


Analog Inputs

2 x XLR, 5 x RCA

Analog Outputs

1 x XLR, 1 x RCA

Output Power

2 x 300 W [4Ω]

Headphone Output

Class-A 6,35 mm

Speaker Outputs

1 Pair

Tone Control

Balance, Bass, Treble, scalable Loudness

Trigger Outputs

2 x 3,5 mm

Optional Remote Controls

RC 8 Remote Control

Included Remote Control

RC 3 Aluminium Remote Control

Power Consumption

1100 W max / < 0.5 W standby


Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black, CELLINI Chrome

Product Dimensions

355 x 430 x 130 mm (L x W x H)

Product Weight

22 kg

Product Line


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