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How the press sees the R 5.3

Record player with Elipso Centric Belt Drive · 10” AVM tone arm (gimbal-mounted) · Massive 60 mm HDF composite frame with aluminum cover · 33/45 RPM look forward servo control · Height-adjustable damper feet · Hinged acrylic dust cover (removable) · Dimmable & switchable platter light


The R 5.3 is an audiophile high end turntable with a specially designed AVM tonearm and an AVM Elipso Centric Belt Drive for real vinyl connoisseurs.

Equipped with a specially designed AVM 10″ tonearm, the ROTATION R 5.3 features an Elipso Centric Belt Drive with zero tilting moment on the axle. The R 5.3 further sparks a cocktail of cleverly designed and well-built solutions combined with an aesthetically unique appearance where the blue lighted acrylic platter and the aluminum enforced composite frame are only the most striking details.

The first record players in the history of AVM are a contribution to the rebirth of the beloved vinyl record’s success.

Creating a purely analog source based on AVM’s in-house developments by meeting the highest demands was already a long-cherished dream and from the very beginning a matter for AVM owner & managing director Udo Besser. The development of these two purely handcrafted turntables was accompanied by new, more sophisticated and purely phono preamplifier: The compact P30 Phono Stage or the modular OVATION PH 8.3 Flagship Phono Stage. Simultaneously, AVM introduces upgrades already for all the renowned phono stages in various AVM products. Both the ROTATION R 2.3  and the ROTATION R 5.3 flagship model feature completely own tone arms exclusively designed by AVM.

The ROTATION R 5.3 turntable at a glance

Elipso-Centric Belt Drive
10″ aluminium polished AVM tone arm (gimbal-mounted)
Tilting moment in the platter axis 0,0
Massive 60 mm HDF composite frame with aluminum cover
Spring-mounted drive
Height-adjustable damper feet

Dimmable & switchable platter light
33/45 RPM look forward servo control
Hinged acrylic dust cover (removable)
Comes without cartridge
External power supply
Standard versions: silver & black

How the press sees the ROTATION R 5.3

“The R 5.3 is a dream come true. The manufacturing quality could hardly be better and more beautiful, and the tonearm must inspire every vinyl fan. All that remains is the question of the perfect pickup. Much is possible here – the R 5.3 sets no limits in its platform. Great AVM has fulfilled itself and us this dream.”
Audio, Germany
“The R 5.3 proves to be an audiophile attraction. The longer you listen to music with this turntable, the more natural its price becomes.”
Lite Magazin, Germany
“With the R 5.3 CELLINI, AVM entirely takes the bun: Visually a dream and sonically an absolute top drive that stands up to any comparison. The opulent drive base and a top-class tonearm offer perfect working conditions for high-profile pickups. A superior turntable for real vinyl freaks, but also an uncomplicated drive for those who want to go right at the top.”
Stereoplay, Germany
“AVM immediately sets an example with its self-developed turntables debut. And not just because of the blue platter light. The R 5.3 is as elaborate as it is clevery designed and shines with smart detail solutions on top of that. The result is a decidedly developed, mature and in every way high-end sound. Congratulations!”
Stereo, Germany
“The R 5.3 is a really good turntable in many ways. It is unusually compact, easy to set up and use, and provides excellent sound quality with a wide range of cartridges.It is relatively insensitive to placement and vibration, and is the kind of exercise in precision German engineering that seems likely to last as long as it is given even halfway-decent handling.”
The Absolute Sound, USA
“AVM’s message is clear: We can also make turntables. All you can say about the result is: Yes, you can hear it.”
Image HiFi, Germany
“Forget everything you’ve ever read about quality turntables. Because this AVM teaches you that the ultimate high end is still available at a high but affordable price.”
HiFi & Musik Journal, Germany


Analog Outputs

1 x RCA

Effective Tonearm Mass

15 g

Effective Tonearm Length

254 mm

Signal to Noise

-72 dB


16 mm

Downforce Range

0 – 35 mN, 0 – 3.5 g

Supplied Counterweight

For cartridges 6 – 16 g


0,5‘‘ (12,7 mm) Standard

Speed Variance

33rpm: ± 0.12 % max, 45rpm: ± 0.10 % max

Wow and Flutter

33rpm: ± 0.10 % max, 45rpm: ± 0.09 % max

Mounting Distance

238 mm (Platter – Tonearm Base, Linn Standard Mount)

Nominal Speed

33/45 rpm, electronic speed change (microprocessor-controlled)

Power Consumption

15 V DC/1.6 A (100-240 V AC, 47 – 63Hz)


Black with pre-mounted Cadenza Black, CELLINI With pre-mounted Cadenza Black, Silver with pre-mounted Cadenza Black, Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black, CELLINI Chrome

Product Dimensions

390 x 470 x 175 mm (L x W x H)

Product Weight

17 kg (Chassis: 12 kg, Platter: 5 kg)

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