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How the press sees the PA 8.3

Modular analog flagship preamplifier with optional in/output modules: Tube Out, Line Out, Phono, Tone Control, Bluetooth, DAC, FM Tuner · Fully balanced & DC-coupled signal routing · Chrome plated & ball bearing mounted knobs · Incl. RC 3 remote control · Ready to play with minimal configuration (1 Input Card / 1 Output Card)

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The OVATION PA 8.3 – what’s new?

  • Completely new power supply board for all supply voltages
  • New main transformers for cleaner power supply of all in & output cards
  • New high voltage power supply unit
  • Reduced stand-by consumption
  • Auto power down function
  • The input and output cards remain unchanged: OVATION PA 8.3 modules

The modular PA 8.3 flagship preamplifier is again the most elaborate preamp model of the OVATION Line. Consistently, only one is being looked at here: Perfect sound. Just as musicians have wished for from their original songs. Achieving this goal is an enormously difficult undertaking that requires a great deal of musical sensitivity, just as it has been at home at AVM since 1986. The goal of our engineering skills is to translate this musicality into devices for playback at home. The PA 8.2 predecessor model has already been awarded many reference titles and prizes worldwide, and serves as a listening instrument for many musicians, as well as a permanent reference for renowned trade journals and specialist editorial offices. The new PA 8.3 will certainly be a match for its predecessor.

The mono and stereo power amplifiers in the AVM OVATION flagship series have long been ranked among the best power amplifiers in the world. Once again, the demand for a 100% precisely fitting PA 8.3 preamplifier was enormously high, yet simple at the same time: it just had to be perfect. And yet, when realising the third generation of our analogue and modular OVATION flagship preamplifier, we at AVM were not simply concerned with defending our title as one of the world’s best preamplifiers: We have come up with numerous new technologies in recent years and our experienced engineers have used the latest and best components to get even closer to our sonic ideal. The motto: The best is just good enough!

To push it even further, we have set out to build a preamplifier that can grow with the rapidly developing computer hi-fi (as we call it) and the increasing demands on traditional analogue amplifiers in the long term. Thus, the PA 8.3 is based on a completely new, modular design. As with the first generation of the 8-series preamplifier, this modular concept allows the PA 8.3 to be continually expanded and adapted to personal requirements with additional plug-in modules, or to conveniently retrofit the technologically latest modules. The appearance of the PA 8.3 is exactly matched to all power amplifiers of the OVATION flagship series.

The modular concept of the OVATION PA 8.3

The PA 8.3 consists of two parts: The basic unit and the modules. The basic unit carries the newly developed and highly complex linear power supply unit as well as the processor-based control for all functions and all modules, which can be combined in practically any way and put together for individual requirements.The basic unit automatically detects which plug-in modules are installed and accordingly adapts all menu functions of the basic unit. The addition of further modules, an exchange or replugging of modules on the rear of the PA 8.3 is therefore child’s play and can be carried out quickly and easily.

Output Cards

Input Cards

How the press sees the PA 8.3*

“Impressive in Every Way: The few months I spent with AVM’s Ovation PA 8.2 produced only satisfaction and listening pleasure. I also didn’t expect to be so satisfied with the sound quality of AVM’s inexpensive analog and digital modules, especially through the Tube Output card, which I highly recommend. Modularity aside, the OVATION PA 8.2 performed particularly well as a conventional, all-analog line-input preamplifier. Its operating system, easy to configure and use, and its outstanding sound from all of its supplied modules—each offered at what I consider to be a very reasonable price—make the PA 8.2 among the most satisfying preamplifiers I’ve reviewed.”
Stereophile, USA
AVM Audio Stereophile Magazine PA 8 2 Cover Story US Logo 19110301

*) and its predecessor, the PA 8.2.



Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black, CELLINI Chrome

Product Dimensions

355 x 430 x 130 mm (L x W x H)

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Product Weight

12 kg


Analog RCA, Analog XLR, Headphone

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