Tube Output Card


Tube Output Card for the OVATION PA 8.2 Flagship Preamplifier

Conceived and custom-designed by AVM in Germany, the Tube Output Card provides the modular OVATION PA 8.2 Flagship Preamplifier with a unique and highly distinctive sound character. Featuring exclusive AVM 803 T tube technology and based on a specially crafted double-triode tube with an extra lengthened anode, every tube-driven OVATION PA 8.2 preamplifier is set to take your audiophile listening experience to a whole new level. The fully symmetrical output card receives its very own tube voltage from a completely independent power supply unit which is pre-installed as a standard in every OVATION PA 8.2 base unit. Thanks to the specially developed AVM circuit protection technologies, all OVATION 803 T tubes enjoy an unexpectedly long lifespan of several 10.000 hours.

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