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Analog Preamplifier with AVM X-STREAM Engine®: AirPlay, Spotify® Connect, Roon Ready, TIDAL Connect, QOBUZ, UPnP, Webradio · AVM RoomConneXion® Multiroom Mode · Double Quad DAC for max. 384/32 PCM · DSD256 · Phono input MM / MC · RC 3 Aluminium Remote Control

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and PAS 3.3 at a glance

  • AVM X-STREAM Engine® for HiRes streaming including DSD, controllable via the RC X app
  • Prepared for Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Tidal Connect, internet radio (expandable)
  • ROON ready
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Airplay (=Airplay2)
  • HDMI (ARC) input
  • USB A for external hard drives (NTFS & FAT)
  • AVM RoomConnneXion multi-room function
  • 2 digital inputs (SPDIF, optical)
  • 5 analog inputs (1 XLR, 3 RCA, and PHONO)
  • Phono input MM/MC, controllable with extensive customization via RC X App
  • 2 digital outputs (SPDIF, optical), optionally adjustable volume
  • 2 analog outputs (RCA & XLR), switchable between FIX Out and VARIABLE Out
  • Volume control (fully analog)
  • 1 analog Line Out RCA (fixed level)
  • Home-Theatre loop (selectable in menu)
  • Signal processing with selected Double-Quad DAC for max. 384/32 PCM (ESS 9028PRO) as well as DSD 256
  • Sound control and parametric loudness with bypass function (controllable via RC X app)
  • Dimmable graphic display with touchpoint sensor and proximity sensor
  • Extensive menu functions (individual input naming, etc.)
  • Trigger in, ext. IR Sensor, 2 x Trigger out
  • Minimal standby consumption
  • Compact design: 43cm width, 33cm depth, 12cm height
  • Housing variants: Aluminum silver, brushed black aluminum, or as CELLINI version with chrome front (surcharge)


The special feature of the PAS 5.3 is its Tube Line Stage, which is located in the preamplifier section of the device. Based on tubes specially manufactured for AVM, a completely new tube stage was developed for the current EVOLUTION series, which fully brings out the sonic charm of AVM tubes. Thanks to AVM’s own circuit technology, a remarkably long tube life is guaranteed (approx. 20,000 hours).

The PAS 5.3 and 3.3 offer an extensive selection of connections and combine them with the versatile streaming capabilities of the AVM X-STREAM Engine®. In addition, the PAS 5.3 and 3.3 feature a sensational phono preamplifier whose settings can even be controlled via the RC X App for iOS and Android.

The PAS 5.3 differs visually from the PAS 3.3 by the glass pane in the housing cover. This tinted window allows for a beautiful view of the tube stages as they operate. The PAS 3.3 operates as a purely transistor-based device. All other connection and performance data correspond to those of the PAS 5.3. The most noticeable distinguishing feature is the closed, brushed aluminum housing cover.

from the best genes:
The sister units
PAS 3.3 and PAS 5.3

AVM has been specializing in high-end preamplifiers with exceptional sound quality since its establishment in 1986. With the AVM X-STREAM Engine® as the foundation, a new high-performance generation of AVM all-in-one devices has emerged. Numerous innovations have been incorporated, and the new RC X App can now control the PAS 3.3 / 5.3 completely. With these two high-end preamplifiers, in addition to all streaming formats, analog sources, and especially connected vinyl treasures can be played at the highest sonic level. All modern connections are available, enabling TV connection via HDMI ARC, for example. In designing these preamps, we set out to create the best-sounding preamps in their class on the world market, drawing inspiration from the PA 8.3 preamp flagship. The EVOLUTION PAS units feature a screwless precision aluminum enclosure just 43 cm wide and a minimalist elegance in their symmetrical design. AVM’s motto “Reduce to the Max” is once again taken to the extreme here.

The main focus was put on a fully modernized app control. Easy-to-learn, intuitive operation, and a clear as well as appealing user interface make managing even large music collections a breeze. This makes you want to go on exploratory trips for new music on numerous streaming platforms. The pre-installed selection of streaming services such as Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, QOBUZ, as well as HighResAudio can also be easily expanded in the future. The AVM RC X app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The new AVM X-STREAM Engine® streams all high-resolution formats, including DSD (256), up to a resolution of 384/32. This streaming engine is a proprietary development of AVM and is fully software-based, allowing for easy online updates for future-proof use. The X-STREAM Engine® features an HDMI (ARC) interface as well as advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Additional digital inputs and a USB-A interface are also standard. The digital outputs are completely new and can now be volume-controlled if desired. The analog outputs (RCA & XLR) can also be controlled in volume – this regulation is completely analog. Analog and digital inputs can be switched to signal activation. his allows the signal to automatically turn on the PAS 3.3/5.3 as soon as a signal is detected at the activated inputs. Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs round off the extensive connectivity options of the PAS 5.3 and 3.3.

The use of newly developed circuit concepts in the PAS 5.3 and PAS 3.3 has resulted in a tremendous gain in sound quality. The digital section has been completely redesigned from the ground up as part of the development, as this crucial part is based on the selected ESS9028 PRO Double-Quad DAC. This also brings a significant improvement in sound quality, which is accompanied by a great deal of circuit complexity: both the PAS 5.3 and PAS 3.3 use 4 DA converters per channel in parallel. This effort benefits the sound quality of all digital sources, allowing all high-resolution formats to be reproduced perfectly and authentically.

The EVOLUTION PAS 5.3 and PAS 3.3 are available in the standard colors of aluminum silver or black. An elegant CELLINI version with a chrome-plated and hand-polished front is also available upon request. Like all AVM EVOLUTION devices, the EVOLUTION PAS is manufactured entirely by hand in the AVM factory in Malsch. The majority of suppliers, e.g. for the precise housing parts, are also located in the immediate vicinity of the AVM headquarters. Repeated, intensive quality controls during all manufacturing steps and a multi-day burn-in period for each individual masterpiece ensure our promise of the highest reliability in the long run and we grant a transferable warranty of 2 years, with online registration for 2 additional years.

Regulatory notices

  • Transmission frequency range used:
    – WLAN 2,4 G: 2,412 – 2,472 GHz
    – WLAN 5: 5,150 – 5,350 GHz / 5,470 – 5,725 GHz
    – Bluetooth: 2,400 – 2,4835 GHz
  • Maximum transmit power:
    – WLAN 2,4 G: 20 dBm
    – WLAN 5: 15 dBm
    – Bluetooth: 6 dBm

⚠ The unit is intended for non-commercial use.
⚠ The Ethernet / LAN connection may only be connected to the home network (in-house LAN network).

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