EVOLUTION A 3.2 / PA 3.2

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How the press sees the A 3.2 / PA 3.2

Preamplifier (PA 3.2) / Integrated amplifier with 2 x 175 W (A 3.2) · Numerous connections for analog and digital components · Upgrade options for up to 3 EVOLUTION expansion cards: Phono, DAC, FM Tuner · Headphone output · Incl. RC 3 full aluminum remote control

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The A 3.2 and PA 3.2 at a glance

Premium musical quality, design as a true synthesis of elegance and functionality and intuitive handling are our benchmarks when creating hi-fi components. The perfect finish of the aluminum case expressly underlines the tonal quality of the built-in electronic circuitry. 

The A 3.2 is a very versatile integrated amplifier while the PA 3.2 is a flexible preamplifier. Both audiophile masterpieces share core values with its sister models A 5.2 and PA 5.2: 5 line inputs, a front input and 3 slots for the optional plug-in modules connect it to any source.

Poweramps can be connected via RCA Cinch. Active subwoofer may connect to the processor in/out. Comfortable menu functions allow an individual configuration of the A 3.2 according to your personal likings (input names, sensitivity) etc.). The sophisticated handling concept makes it easy to use. This way the A 3.2 will provide pure, long lasting joy of listening at all times.

How the press sees the A 3.2 and PA 3.2

AVM Audio HiFi Einsnull Magazine Logo 19110102
“I like the option to switch the headphone output on the front so that it can be used as an aux input.”
HiFi Einsnull, Germany
AVM Stereo Magazine Logo 91110103
“The A 3.2 belongs to the top class of its guild. It plays fast, velvety and strong as a bear. A superb amplifier.”
Stereo, Germany
AVM Audio Magazine Weka Logo 91110103
“Fine, precise sound, high flexibility.”
Audio, Germany



Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black

Product Weight

6 kg (PA 3.2), 8 kg (A 3.2)

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