AVM30 CD 30.3


CD player with digital inputs, upsampling function and Pure CD drive

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CD 30.3 in brief


  • TEAC Pure CD drive with slot-in mechanism for exclusive delivery to AVM
  • Analog outputs: 2 x XLR (symmetrical), 2 x Cinch / RCA (asymmetrical)
  • Digital inputs: 2 x SPDIF coaxial, 2 x SPDIF optical, 1 x AES / EBU
  • Digital outputs: 1x SPDIF coaxial, 1 x SPDIF optical
  • Digital signal processing up to 192 kHz / 24 bit
  • Low-noise power supplies (separate for CD-drive and audio electronics)
  • Available housing options: aluminum, silver or black
  • Including RC 3 remote control

With the CD 30.3, a suitable player for the AVM30 and AVM 30.3 series is available for the first time. We have transferred all of our know-how from the EVOLUTION Line CD players into the CD 30.3. This superb sounding CD player was designed for high quality playback of all CDs according to the Redbook standard. The built-in PureCD drive is specially designed, it uses a mono-focal lens system and plays according to the SPDIF protocol, so it is not a redesigned DVD drive. The 30.3 CD player is not only based on our decades of experience in the design of sophisticated amplifier circuits and excellent D / A converters, but is also characterized by excellent values ​​in terms of fidelity sound and thus gives you long-term and unclouded music enjoyment of the absolute top class.

All functions of the A30.3 can be operated easily and intuitively. The perfectly finished housing made of painted sheet steel provides the stable base to safely carry the sensitive electronics which deal with the extremely small electric signals in the D/A section. The brushed aluminum front determines the look of the AVM 30.3 series. Standard housing versions are silver and black. The massive and elegant RC 3 aluminum remote control is included in the scope of delivery.

Since the debut in autumn 2020 and like all AVM devices, the CD 30.3 was also completely developed in the AVM R&D centre in Malsch in order to incorporate the latest circuit designs of the award-winning components from the OVATION and EVOLUTION series into the AVM30 .3 series. Repeated, intensive quality controls during all production steps and a break-in period of several days for each individual device secure the AVM promise of maximum reliability in the long term.

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