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All-In-One CD-Receiver · 2 x 500 W · X-STREAM HiRes Engine: Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify® Connect, Roon Ready, TIDAL, QOBUZ, UPnP, Webradio · Multiroom & Party Sync Mode · HiFi Bluetooth · Quad DAC 384kHz/32bit · DSD128 · Slot-In Pure CD Drive · Class-A headphone amplifier · Convenient control via RC X App for iOS & Android · Optional RC 9 remote control with color display

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The CS 8.3 and CS 6.3 at a glance

Both the CS 8.3 and the CS 6.3 unify the award winning technologies of the AVM OVATION Line into a high performance All-in-One Audiophile Masterpiece. Also in respect of connectivity, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 offer a complete selection: All common streaming formats are supported and a CD mechanism based on the exclusive TEAC drive for AVM are on board. Furthermore, a large selection of analogue and digital connections is available.

Both the CS 6.3 and the CS 8.3 are close relatives and only differ in their remarkable power amps: In the CS 6.3 we focus on prestigious solid state technology in all amplifier stages, while the OVATION Tube Line Stage of the CS 8.3 creates a unique warm and natural sound reproduction. All details are being reproduced in an unheard neutrality and spaciousness. Relaxed and joyous listening sessions are our goal and both the CS 6.3 & 8.3 make this a reality with ease. All this is possible with all kind of selected music. The extremely powerful amplifiers  deliver up to 500 Watt per channel. All speakers in the market can be driven with ease overall volume levels.

In the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3, the modular design principle of the OVATION Line premieres in an All-in-One unit. I.e. the DAC is designed as an exchangeable module. Already today this Quad-DAC may process digital signals up to 384kHz/32bit and also DSD formats are being transformed into analogue music signals which are a perfect recreation of the original. The formats to store digital music is going to rapid advancements. In case, future formats with higher resolutions require new DACs, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 are prepared for this as the DAC module will be hardware upgradeable.

Like all other OVATION Line units, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 offer vast and versatile connectivity and control possibilities. In doing so, not only the common music streaming formats are being supported. Furthermore, digital inputs including an asynchronous USB-input and SPDIF inputs and outputs are available. Connected NAS or external hard drives may also be operated as well as USB jump drives. The software (firmware) of the streaming engine is easily online upgradeable online. This way future Formats and additional features may be implemented with an easy update.

Special attention was given to authentic and excellent CD reproduction. The acoustically shielded CD mechanism is mounted in the rigid OVATION Line housing to protect it from unwanted influences (vibrations etc.).

The CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 stand in the best AVM tradition and amazes with their ‘reduce-to-the-max’ design. The perfectly machined housing built of massive sheet aluminum is assembled without visible screws and bolts. A multi chamber layout of the housing protects the sensitive electronics from distracting influences which may deteriorate sound quality. Attention to detail is carefully exercised in every aspect. The chrome plated knobs are made of one single piece including their axels and are mounted in heavy duty ball bearings. Through the glass cover in the top plate of the CS 8.3, the glowing tubes are made visible and maybe observed while producing their glamorous sound texture.

As standard versions, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 are available in silver or black anodized polished aluminum. As an option a massive chrome front panel is available (upcharge). Also the chrome knobs for volume and input selection may be customized upon request.

During the manufacturing process we perform repeatedly numerous tests to insure the absolute quality of our products. When the assembling is finished and the first inspection is done all units must pass a run in test in order to prove their reliability. After that a careful final inspection follows before packing & shipping. All this ensures creating a perfect product from AVM for our customers.

How the press sees the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3*

“If you want a complete system in a box, the AVM CS 8.2 yearns to be your all-in-one, high-performance music buddy.”
Editor’s Choice Award 2020!
The Absolute Sound, USA
“The two exceptionally powerful CD receivers from AVM’s OVATION series leave a lasting impression on the listener. The transparent “Crystal” special model adds a bold extra portion of exclusivity.”
Stereo, Germany
“The OVATION CS 6.3 really does offer everything in one and at the highest level. The workmanship is excellent as always, the technology is well thought-out, powerful and offers wonderful sound. Especially the new streaming engine convinces with improved functionality and user-friendly operation”.
HiFi Einsnull, Germany
“AVM zeigt mit dem Ovation CS 8.2 BT, wie man einen All-in-One-Player auf High End-Niveau realisiert. Für den exzellenten Klang, der durch atemberaubende Klarheit und Transparenz, Dynamik und Basskraft glänzt, sorgt nun eine Röhrenvorstufe im Verbund mit einem sage und schreibe 500 Watt leistenden Class-D-Kraftwerk, das auch anspruchsvollste Schallwandler machtvoll antreibt. Schließlich beeindruckt der 8.2 BT auch durch seine perfekte Material- und Fertigungsqualität. Sie ist in der Acrylglas-Gehäuse-Variante sogar bis in jedes Detail des Innenlebens zu bestaunen. Eine komplettere und besser klingende All-in-One-Lösung haben wir noch nicht gehört – und so liefert der AVM Ovation CS 8.2 BT den unschlagbaren Beweis, dass dieses Komplett-Konzept auch in der Referenz-Klasse funktioniert.”
Lite Magazin, Germany
“Powerful, updatable, modular all-in-one device including CD drive that communicates with virtually all current signal sources. Powerful, dominant, yet subtle and clear sound at reference level.”
Stereoplay, Germany
“The sound of the CS 8.2 is hugely satisfying, deceptively easy to enjoy and above all entirely musical. Throw in the flexibility on offer, the build and style, and this is a really rather special product.”
HiFi News, UK

*) and their predecessors, the CS 8.2 and CS 6.2


CD Drive

TEAC Pure CD Drive

Tube Line Stage

CS 8.3: OVATION 803 T

Analog Inputs

1 x RCA, 1 x XLR

Analog Outputs

1 x Line/Fix Out RCA, 1 x Pre/Var Out RCA

Digital Inputs

2 x S/PDIF Coax, 2 x S/PDIF Optical, 1 x USB A (Stick/HDD), 1 x USB B

Digital Outputs

1 x S/PDIF Coax, 1 x S/PDIF Optical


HiFi Bluetooth (4.2 Standard)


DSD128 (5,6 MHz) via USB B

Music Streaming

AirPlay 2, Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, HIGHRESAUDIO / QOBUZ / TIDAL (HiRes Quality), UPnP


Multiroom & Party Sync Mode with all RC X App compatible AVM models


Webradio via Airable Internet Radio Station Database (automatic updates)


Ethernet (10/100Mbps), Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) 2.4/5GHz

Tone Control

Balance, Bass, Treble, Contour (Loudness)

Output Power

2 x 500 W [4Ω]

Headphone Output

Class-A 6,35 mm

Trigger Outputs

2 x 3,5 mm

Speaker Outputs

1 Pair

Included Remote Control

RC X App for iOS & Android

Optional Remote Controls

RC 9 RF/IR Remote Control with color display (programmable)


Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black, Crystal (CS 8.3)

Product Dimensions

355 x 430 x 130 mm (L x W x H)

Product Weight

13 kg

Product Line


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