Active 4-way monitor with 1000W system power · Low-resonance fractal chamber housing with circumferential polished aluminium cover · High-resolution detail & stage imaging by AVM Sweet Spot Expansion Waveguide · Solid aluminium stand for amplifier, DSP, analog & digital inputs · 3 standard presets for intelligent room effect compensation · Standard finishes: silver/white or black

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The AUDITION AM 6.3 active monitor is much more than just the addition of the first loudspeaker to AVM’s product collection.

The AUDITION AM 6.3 completes AVMs vision of a fully integrated high-end audio system that can be easily installed into modern living rooms uniting all audio sources in one powerful active system. Be it your TV, Bluetooth devices, a NAS drive or simply a turntable: Any AVM All-In-One system or pre-amplifier such as all current SD & PA models are perfectly matching control centers for the AUDITION AM 6.3 active monitor to build a truly audiophile dream team.

AVM’s first loudspeaker sparks numerous innovations in combination with proven amplification technologies well known from AVM’s awarded electronic lines.

The floor-standing 4 way active monitor utilizes proprietary drive units and hosts power amplifiers with combined 1000W system power in each speaker located in the massive plinth under the speaker cabinet. Another highlight is the tweeter of the AUDITION AM 6.3 with an optimized AVM Sweet Spot Expansion Wave Guide for an ultra precise and ideal soundstage.

The proprietary high-performance DSP crossover technology allows intelligent room effect compensation with 3 included standard presets as well as individual sound adjustments with a minimal latency of only 5 ms over the entire audio flow. Not least, the ultra low-resonance fractal chamber housing with circumferential polished aluminium cover allows a rigid and reasonably sized speaker design serving as a rock-solid basis for an active monitor designed to deliver maximum sound pressure levels above 115dB with ease. The AUDITION AM 6.3 also plays beautifully at subtle volume levels delivering rich and full sound imaging achievable only with a high power and well thought out active speaker concept.


Analog Inputs

1 x XLR

Analog Outputs

1 x XLR

Digital Inputs



Black, White/Silver

Product Line


Product Dimensions

330 x 390 x 1080 mm (L x W x H)

Product Weight

105 kg (pair)

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